Teacher training

Teachers training

For some years now, with an increasingly growing trend, the teaching profession has been enriched with numerous values. The teaching activity includes continuous training in the field of teaching methodologies and language skills. In a complex scenario such as today, it is also essential that the linguistic skills of each teacher be continuously and updated. Prime Language Courses, as per MIUR Directive 170/2016, in collaboration with accredited bodies in the Teacher’s Charter portal, offers the possibility of using one’s ministerial bonus for training courses abroad aimed at improving one’s language skills, and certifying what has been learned .

Our training courses aim to encourage the acquisition and strengthening of linguistic, cultural and transversal skills of teachers of all disciplines and are focused on new language teaching methodologies, in CLIL refresher courses. Whatever the objective of the teacher is, we are in a position to propose the most suitable course based on the linguistic level and individual needs, in fact the classic course of general English is also proposed, designed for those teachers who only need to a linguistic basis. Our courses abroad are held at prestigious schools and universities, both public and private, carefully selected, accredited by the major governmental control bodies of each country (British Council for England, ACELS for Ireland, EFL Monitoring Board for Malta) .

The training opportunities offered are valid both for the acquisition of training credits useful for the purposes of Law 107 and for the achievement of points that can be spent in the school environment.

A significant process of reform of the education system is profoundly affecting not only educational aims and objectives, but also teaching and learning methods.


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General language courses

General language courses abroad are specific language courses to improve knowledge of foreign languages. Participants can improve their language skills or start from the basics (A2 – C2), taking the opportunity to visit the most interesting destinations outside their own territory where they can put into practice what they have learned in class. The selected study centers are among the best for quality and professionalism offered. The classes consist of a maximum number ranging from 12 to 15 participants. On request we also organize tailor-made individual courses.

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CLIL, Content Language and Integrated Learning

It involves teaching subjects other than foreign languages (for example geography, mathematics, history, economics, etc.) in a foreign language. With the growing importance of foreign languages, the skills learned in a CLIL class are increasingly important and vital for teachers.
These courses aim to improve language skills in a foreign language, while analyzing the principles underlying the CLIL system. Participants will acquire the ability to learn techniques and practical methodologies to combine language and subject of teaching within a practical and structured lesson and will also explore a wide variety of practical tasks and activities that can be put into practice immediately in the classroom. These courses are eligible to be funded by the European Community through Erasmus + or through the teacher’s charter.

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Language and Methodology Refresher courses

These courses are specifically aimed at primary and secondary school teachers. The content of each course varies according to needs, based on the context and interests of the group. The aim of the course is to increase and consolidate the participants’ awareness of the principles and practice of teaching a foreign language. However, there are standard components that will be followed throughout the course. These are: ELT methodology, language analysis, input, a visit to a local school (valid only for courses taking place during the school period and to be reconfirmed), various projects and a final presentation.
By the end of the course, we aim to consolidate the confidence of the participants in their knowledge of the chosen language and to increase their knowledge and awareness of teaching the foreign language and the chosen methodology.

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Technology in the classroom

The objectives of the course are to raise the participants’ awareness of how technology can be used in the teaching of a foreign language. A further aim of the course is to develop practical know-how to enable participants to successfully integrate technology into their everyday teaching practices.

Teachers training in England
English course in Sliema, Malta

Courses for Teachers in London

Disponibili corsi CLIL. I corsi si svolgono presso l’International House di Londra, prestigiosa scuola nel quartiere di Covent Garden.
English course in Sliema, Malta

Teacher training in Bournemouth

Disponibili corsi CELTA e di aggiornamento. La scuola si trova all’interno di un edificio vittoriano, a soli 20 minuti dal centro di Bournemouth.

English course in Sliema, Malta

English for Teachers in Newcastle

Disponibili corsi CELTA, CLIL e DELTA. I corsi si svolgono presso uno dei migliori centri per la formazione dei docenti in Inghilterra con oltre trent’anni di esperienza.

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