Local habits

Your family life

Living in a family will allow you to put into practice what you study at school in real everyday situations. Remember that you are part of a family and at the same time you are a guest!
It is essential to respect different habits such as being on time at dinner time etc. Remember to keep your room clean and tidy, and ask for permission before bringing friends home.

Use of the telephone

You should use a pre-paid card or use your mobile phone to make calls (ask PrimeCourses, they will arrange for you to find a CIM card already active at cost price, have your mobile unlocked before departure). Your home phone should only be used to receive emergency calls!
Also remember to inform your family about the time differences between your home and your new temporary accommodation to avoid receiving calls in the middle of the night.

Use of the washing machine

The use of the washing machine is subject to the choice of your host family. If your family doesn’t include your washing in them, take your washing to a local launderette to wash and dry your clothes. The average cost per wash is Euro 7.

Path from the family to the school and vice versa

Your host family will help you find the school (the first day of school) and will show you how to use public transport. Additional information will be given by the school. Explore the various alternatives to reach the school: bus, bicycle, feet, subway etc.


When you book your host family request a smoking family if this is your need. Ask as soon as you arrive if there are any particular rules (places etc.) related to smoking. Ask even if it is not a problem to smoke beside other students before doing it!

What to bring with you

Everything you need can be bought locally, but if you need special things you should consider bringing them with you from home to avoid not finding them! The most important thing is to take medicines from home. Prepare a small beauty case with basic medicines … get help from a family member in selecting them.


Breakfast: normally it is a light breakfast consisting of cereals, fruit, toast, juices and coffee or tea. The host family may ask you to prepare your own breakfast …

Lunch: You will have to buy your lunch alone (at least if you haven’t selected the full-board) at the school or at the corner store, there is always the “in the corner” shop !!!

Dinner: You will eat dinner with your host family, but it may happen that once in a while you will be asked to “cook” your dinner. You will find the food in the refrigerator. Inform the school in the booking if you have food allergies so that your family is already prepared!


Things to remember!

  • Remember that you are both a guest and a “member” of the family
  • Buy a local CIM card to make international calls
  • Do not dry your wet / damp clothes in the room
  • Ask permission before receiving visits
  • Notify the family when you are not going to have dinner with them
  • Notify the family when you are not coming back for the night. Only if you are of age !!
  • Ask permission to smoke even if you stay in a smoking house!

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