Thank you for choosing PrimeCourses. Our advice is personalized and completely free! A PrimeCourses consultant will follow you step by step to organize your study trip from the start to your return home. Please read this additional information carefully, which will be useful in preparing your trip and during your stay abroad.


Courses generally start every Monday, although we have precise dates throughout the year for specific courses such as preparatory courses for the official Cambridge or DELE exams , and courses for beginners and flexible dates for individual courses at home of the professor.

Signing up

If you are interested in starting or have already decided which course to attend, do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants! Normally moving far in advance you have guaranteed access to discounted rates and more qualitative solutions to the chosen destination. It is very important to have all the necessary time available to be able to receive and evaluate information from PrimeCourses and to “collect” all the documents and administrative procedures necessary to be able to travel abroad. Fill out the form is crizione online and do not forget to read the “terms and conditions” ! Once you have completed the form, send it by email to:


PrimeCourses manages the best airfares on the market with the collaboration of Pantos Viaggi . Contact us for a convenient flight quote!

Insurance coverage

It is mandatory to purchase a Mondial Assistance cover or to have a cover already in place to access the programs offered by PrimeCourses. Travel without pre-occupation! PrimeCourses offers you excellent coverage at a really affordable price.

Mondial Assistance Insurance – Globy student



Expatriation documents

Stays in Europe: for Italian national participants valid individual passport or identity card as long as valid for expatriation. For participants of other nationalities, we recommend contacting the Consulate of the destination country.
For children under 15 years of age, an individual passport or identity card issued by the Municipality of residence and certified by the Police Headquarters is required (unless otherwise specified following the printing of this letter). We advise partercipanti of other nationality to contact the Consulate of the country of destination.

Currency Provisions

Following the ministerial decree of 27 April 1990, which began on 4 May 1990, there is no longer any limit to the export of currency abroad, except for new provisions by the Foreign Exchange Office.
We recommend that you request currency from your bank at least ten days before departure if your destination is outside the Euro zone or is England!


Air travel: as the excess limits may vary depending on the airline, we recommend in any case to bring with you only one suitcase of no more than 15 kg and to read carefully what is allowed to take with you with the purchase of a ticket tourist. Each airline will apply different regulations!

Recommended wardrobe

Practical, essential, easy to wash and iron, well balanced between hot and cold; comfortable shoes; raincoat or light wind jacket indispensable for Great Britain, sports accessories according to personal needs (swimsuit, beach towel, etc.). Don’t forget to bring your rubber shower slippers with you.
Although some residences and families provide towels, we recommend that you bring at least one of your staff.

Personal expenses

Adjust yourself according to the length of your stay and according to your personal habits, as for a normal vacation and above all taking into account what is already included in the program. The extras can be: any excursions and optional activities, sports, means of transport in the chosen center, any typology of the chosen accommodation (without meals, meals included etc.) phone calls at home, souvenirs, etc. Remember that if it becomes necessary to send money to you, it is neither simple nor immediate, and in any case PrimeCourses cannot intervene in this sense.

Health care

For Europe we recommend to bring with you a photocopy of the health card and the MOD. E 111 issued by the Italian ASL and duly endorsed. However, check with your ASL to be covered during your trip abroad.


Take 3 passport-size photographs with you: they may be useful for any public transport passes, sports associations, student cards etc.

Suggestions and tips for the day of departure

Strictly follow the times and meeting places indicated in the travel documentation. The meeting and departure places and the staff will be easily recognizable. The expatriation document must be strictly at hand, not packed in a suitcase. Especially at the airport, in order to streamline boarding operations, we advise parents not to stay too long and to entrust their children to our staff. If the parents, as it is understandable, would like to know and exchange a few words with the group leader, they will certainly be able to do it a few days before departure: the group leader’s telephone is normally shown in the travel documentation, or is provided upon request.

What happens upon arrival

PrimeCourses is able to organize a reception & transfer service on all the proposed destinations. This service is essential for having no problem once you arrive at a totally new destination for you.
This service is strongly suggested to those who do not have a good knowledge of the language spoken in the destination country and for those who are not familiar with means of transport abroad. For packages in groups, everything is prepared for the reception, for their transfer to the respective centers, for the reception by the families and the College. Nothing is left to improvisation and chance.

Suggestions for a good stay … … with the family

It is a must to behave in the most common sense, for example: keeping one’s room in order, not smoking and not receiving strangers in the room, making no noise on the floors. The host family tries to clean the rooms one or more times a week, but never to make the beds again: you will have to take care of them personally.
The family will provide the sheets (which are normally replaced once a week) but not the towels.
Living with a family will give you the opportunity not only to practice the language in the host country, but also to learn a lot about local habits, which can also be very different from ours. For this reason we remind you that your availability will be important to insert you in “your” new family even if temporarily. Try to establish from the first moment a report based on maximum correctness, cordiality and understanding; do not neglect any kind of courtesy: thank you, please, permission, etc .; make the bed, keep your room tidy, leave the bathroom clean when you use it and remember to ask what time of the day it is preferable to take a bath or shower. Offer to give a little help, such as setting the table or clearing the table or helping to wash the dishes: even if the hostess says no, your gesture will still be appreciated.
Do not invite friends into the home without first obtaining family permission. Keep in mind that families are not required to give you the house keys; in this regard, remember to inform the family in advance if you expect to be late for dinner.
Being punctual to lessons and appointments and keeping a respectful and correct behavior is the basis of good coexistence.
Always follow the instructions of your companion, in particular as regards the appointments for the activities. Always carry your student card with your name, address and phone number, which will be delivered to you upon arrival.
Be careful when crossing the street. Always use pedestrian crossings and remember that in Great Britain and Malta traffic is running on the left, so stop and look FIRST TO RIGHT .
You cannot go out alone in the evening unless you are authorized in writing by your parents and in any case, even in this case, you will always have to inform your escort of your travels and return by 10.00pm


To simplify contacts we advise you to call your families yourself (in all centers you will have access to numerous public telephones with cards) or to arrange appointments to be called. In this case it will be necessary to take into account the time differences and the various activities in which you will be engaged throughout the day.
We remind you that, unless absolutely necessary, you cannot be contacted during class hours, during which the use of mobile phones is not allowed, nor will you be immediately traceable during sports or recreational activities.
If you will be a guest in the family and you need or need to make a call at home, ask your guests to make a “collect call”, ie a call to be paid by the recipient.
Your escort will provide you with all the necessary instructions.

Unaccompanied Minors – Minors traveling alone

Inquire with time, because not all airlines allow minors to travel alone. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that the chosen airline authorizes the minors to travel without the presence of an adult.
If this service is required, you must inform Prime Courses at least 3 weeks in advance that it will organize a personalized service for the reception of the minor at the destination airport. This service is an extra service that will be quantified at the request.

School and free time

Attending lessons and arriving on time is mandatory.
Failure to attend classes for more than a day and without valid justification can be a reason to inform your parents and take appropriate action.
For a better use of the stay in the foreign country, after class time there will be alternating moments of leisure and fun, moments dedicated to sport and the deepening of knowledge of the culture of the host country. Everything will be planned by the local staff and reported in a billboard prepared every week.
At any time, you and your team leader will decide how to commit any intervals not organized by our official program.


Please note that all Primecourses staff is fully available to students for the entire duration of the course. If you have any doubts or questions, talk to your team leader or local staff; they will always be available to help you with any problems that may arise, small or large. We recommend that you immediately share your problem so that it can be resolved immediately.


A student who, in the opinion of the team leader, host family or local staff, behaves incorrectly or is prejudicial to the progress of the course, even after having been picked up and notified, may be repatriated at his own expense after notifying the parents.
Do not use bad words (in any language) or rude gestures, if only for the consequences and the reactions they could cause !!
We count on your cooperation and we are certain that it will not be necessary to put in place disciplinary measures or resort to the intervention of your parents.

State of drunkenness – drug use – hitch-hiking – theft

Few but useful tips; for example you do not accept passages from unknown people and you don’t hitchhike!
Any type of drug is ABSOLUTELY prohibited. Consumption or imprisonment leads to immediate expulsion from the country. Under-18s are not allowed to purchase alcohol.
The student who finds himself in one of these situations will be repatriated at his own expense, upon notice to the parents.

Practical news :

To call from Italy

Dial the country phone code + area code without the leading zero + phone number Countrycodes for:

  • Great Britain: 0044
  • Malta: 00356
  • Ireland: 00353

To call Italy

Dial the area code + local prefix indicated inclusive of the initial zero + phone number

calling a mobile ø omit the prefix

prefixes for the fixed Italy: 0039 + 02 9999999 (ie)

Area codes for mobile Italy: 0039 + 340 9999999 (ie)

Time zones:

Great Britain & Ireland, one hour behind Italy

Malta, same time;


It is advisable to use adapters to use your own cell phones, IPads, etc.

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